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We love off-roading and Toyota does it best. Toyota made and sold the best off roading vehicles ever built! Unfortunately, we just got the left overs here in the US. Back 40 is committed to finding the coolest diesel rigs out there and putting them in the hands of the off road enthusiast!

We import Toyota and Nissan 4X4 diesel vehicles that were never intended for the US market. All of our vehicles are legally imported, and sold with a US title that is transferable to all 50 States. All of our rigs are given a complete bumper to bumper inspection upon arrival, and completely serviced so that you can jump right in and go any where! Every vehicle includes the Back40 Service Package.


The Real Story

I simply love off-roading and Wheeling is my therapy. Back 40 Imports was birthed out of the lifestyle I live every day. This company started as Back 40 Contracting inc, fulfilling off-grid construction contracts in the back country of Western Montana. I needed a vehicle that was cheap on fuel, dependable, easy to work on and could fit down any jeep trail, so I purchased and imported my own vehicles to get the job done. Soon co-workers, friends and complete strangers were offering to buy my rigs... Back 40 Imports was born!

Dave Martin, President


Import Parts Specialists

In the beginning stages, getting parts was very costly and sometimes next to impossible. Over the years of sourcing parts for our clients, Back 40 has been able to build dependable relationships with overseas parts suppliers. We have a direct link to the "Mother-ship" and can get any part still in production in the world market within the matter of a few business days, if not already in stock.

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