Special Orders


Looking for A Unique Diesel 4x4?


Back40 Imports has been fulfilling special orders for years. If you want to special order a a vehicle here's how...

  • $1000 deposit: this is required to initiate a search for special orders. If we do not find your vehicle with the agreed specifications and in the agreed time frame, you will be given full reimbursement.


  • Once we find the vehicle you want to purchase, we will require 50% of the agreed upon price, we will cover the rest until your vehicle is ready.
  • After your vehicle has been imported, titled and serviced the remaining balance is due.
  • IF the special order is cancelled BEFORE we purchase your vehicle, you receive immediate 100% deposit back.

All special ordered vehicles are inspected for corrosion, damage and mechanical operation prior to purchase. We won't import anything we wouldn't be proud to drive ourselves!

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Custom Modifications

ALL special order equipment or parts must be paid for in FULL before being ordered or installed on your truck. Installation costs will be added to your final truck invoice and can be paid at time of delivery.

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